Wellness Services

Wellness programs are ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their health and well-being. Taking steps toward improving internal and external health helps keep patients proactively preserving and monitoring their health, every day.

Health and Wellness Services at Broadway HealthWellness services

  • Vitamin Injection Shots
  • Botox treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Male hormone replacement
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Medical marijuana cards
  • Physical exams

Health and wellness regimens keep patients in-check on all matters concerning their health and proactive in addressing any health issues that arise.

Benefits of health and wellness check-ins:

  • Improved awareness of personal health
  • Education that leads to reduced health risks
  • Lower healthcare costs over time
  • Improved quality of life

Encouraging wellness programs for employees is also a beneficial initiative for small, growing, as well as long-established businesses.

Benefits of check-ins for employers:

  • Education and reduced health risks
  • Improved employee health
  • Improved employee function
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention

Broadway Health and Wellness Center

Book your appointment or stop into our clinic for superior wellness center services. Our clinic makes it easy to see a physician on your schedule and to make the most of your health, every day. Come by or give us a call to learn more.