Weight Loss

Carrying too much weight has a negative effect on physical, mental, and psychological health. Being overweight can be the result of lifestyle, disease, diet, education, or body malfunctioning.

There are many ways to address the underlying reasons for weight gain and fun, therapeutic solutions to help shed the excess pounds. If you or a loved one can benefit from losing weight, beginning a weight loss program is the best decision you can make.

weight loss program

Weight Loss Treatment

At Broadway Health, we are focused on the following weight loss treatments:

  • Diet and fitness
  • Youth education and programs
  • Health and fitness

Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy focuses on the wholistic approach to your health and weight goals, looking at the intersection of body, mind, spirit, and community. Work toward weight loss through the following integrative therapies:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Group fitness
  • Personal training
  • Disease-specific rehab
  • Individual therapeutic services
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Health psychology
  • Stress reduction

Who Is a Candidate?

Anyone — male or female, active or inactive, old or young — who is suffering from carrying too much weight is a candidate for weight loss program and therapies.

What to Expect at Broadway Health

Our facilities make it easy to stay on track toward your weight loss goal, all in a comfortable, communicative environment. At Broadway Health, you can expect the following program elements:

  • Making appointments at your convenience
  • Viewing results and progress online
  • Communicating with a physician or program leader

Start working on your weight loss goals, today. The first step is the hardest part, and our team is here to help guide you through it as soon as you arrive.


Reach out to Broadway Health for questions on our wellness programs.