Urgent Care Physicals

Our urgent care facility offers physicals you may need for a job application, to qualify to participate in a medical procedure such as giving bone marrow, to comply with immigration requirements, or get a checkup for your school-age children.

school physicals

Required Employment Physical

Certain jobs and employers need more than a blood or urine test to screen applicants — a full physical is required.

The Department of Transportation requires a physical for anyone applying for a trucking license. A DOT physical exam looks for visual or hearing defects and assesses basic organ functions, to make sure truck drivers are healthy enough for a job that requires attentiveness, physical capabilities, and long shifts.

Employment physicals are used to see if applicants can handle physically demanding jobs like warehouse work that requires heavy lifting or are mentally prepared for high-stress work environments. Drug screening is given for any employment physical.

Bone Marrow Transplant Testing

Potential bone marrow donors must be screened to ensure that a donor is free of infectious disease, is healthy enough to donate bone marrow, and is the best possible match for someone in the bone marrow registry. People who need a bone marrow donation can only receive one from someone whose tissue proteins or “markers” are close matches.

A School Physical Ensures Appropriate Development

A school physical is a good way to see if school-age children are developing along normal lines and are up to date on vaccines. They include testing vision and hearing, checking blood pressure, looking at skin health, listening to the heart and lungs, and reviewing other basic body functions.

Immigration Physicals for Green Cards and Citizenship

Noncitizens who apply for green cards or citizenship are required to pass an immigration physical that checks to make sure they are basically healthy, have had all required vaccines, and are not carrying certain infectious diseases.

For more information about these and other services we provide, reach out to Broadway Health.

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