Pre Employment Physical Exam

A pre-employment physical exam is often required by an employer before beginning a new job. These type of assessments are routine checkups, and let your employer know that you are fit, healthy, and ready to work.

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Pre employment Physical at Broadway Health

Broadway Health offers a quick and easy solution for your physical. Come to our office at your earliest convenience so you can begin working as soon as possible.

What is tested in the physical?

  • Drugs and alcohol tests
  • Psychological tests
  • Physical health assessment
  • Fitness assessment (if required by employer)
  • Mental health assessment
  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Organs check; heart, lungs, abdomen, nose, throat, and ears.

OSHA Pre-Employment Physical

If you are going into a line of work that exposes you to hazardous substances or physical hazards, your employer will require an OSHA physical exam.

Is a Pre Employment Exam Required?

Since an employer does not have access or rights to a new hire’s medical history, a physical exam can be required to assess and confirm a job applicant’s fitness to begin work. Depending on the field of work, a physical exam might or might not be required. Physical exam fees are typically paid for or at least reimbursed through income taxes.


Broadway Health makes it easier than ever before to come into our high-quality facilities for your pre-employment physical test so that you can save time and money and begin your new career.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for a physical exam or when to come in, reach out to our professional medical staff — our team is here and waiting to help make this part of your day easier.