Minor Injuries

Emergency rooms are overrun with people with minor injuries. We understand that injuries can be quite painful, but most don’t need emergency care. Urgent care is an excellent, cost-effective, and fast way to get injury treatment.

The Difference Between Minor and Major Injuries

It can be difficult for a patient or a parent to know what’s a minor injury versus something major that should be seen in an ER. Here are a few tips:

skin burn treatment
Major Injury Minor Injury
Compound fractures: bone has broken through the skin or skin has opened near the break Muscle strain and sprains – no sign of a broken bone
Wounds with deep lacerations or from a physical stab Skin abrasions and minor cuts
Severe burns covering a large area of the body Minor burns over a small (2” or less) area of skin

An urgent care center can stitch small cuts that continue to bleed after applying pressure.


Any injury from a weapon needs emergency treatment as soon as possible. We recommend an ER for head and eye injuries as well.


Minor injury treatment includes treating cuts, burns, stitches/sutures, strains and sprains.

injury treatment

Skin Burn Treatment

Skin burns can be difficult to assess because they all hurt. All burns need treatment.

First-degree burns, where skin turn reds, swells a bit, and hurts, can be soothed under cold running water for 10 to 15 minutes. Never apply ice to a burn! Applying a thin layer of protective gel, such as petroleum jelly or aloe, helps soothe the skin. A pain reliever can dull immediate pain, and later, soothe itching as the skin recovers.

See a physician if a burn:

  • Becomes more painful after home treatment
  • Becomes redder or develops a red streak
  • Oozes pus
  • A patient develops a fever or swollen lymph glands

An urgent care physician can treat deeper, second-degree burns that include burns that cover more than two inches of skin and any burns from fires, electricity, or chemicals.

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