Broken Bones and Fractures Treatment

All broken bones need medical treatment because bones will start to heal themselves right away. It’s important to make sure that broken, or fractured, bones are properly set.

broken bone treatment

Broken Bone Treatment

Did you know that a bone break and fracture are the same things? The treatment depends on how the break happened and how it presents:

  • A stress fracture happens when activities overuse or stress the bone
  • Impact fracture is the result of a sudden, hard hit
  • A simple fracture means the bone has not broken through the skin
  • A compound fracture is when the damaged bone breaks through the skin

Compound fracture treatment must be handled immediately in an emergency room.

There are more categories that explain what’s happened to the bone, such as a greenstick fracture that bends and partially breaks a bone compared to oblique and transverse fractures that actually split the bone into two or more parts.

Bone fracture treatment includes manipulating the bone parts back in place, in a process called fracture reduction. This can be painful to the patient, so we use a local anesthetic for the area before we do this. The next step is to encase the body part in a plaster or fiberglass cast to keep the bones from moving.

Sometimes, surgery is needed to repair the bone and remove fragments that broke off. We refer patients to local hospitals for assessment and treatment.

How Do I Know If I Broke a Bone?

If you think you broke a bone, go to an urgent care center where a doctor can assess you. A bone fracture will cause swelling and bruising, and the area will be tender. If you recognize these symptoms after an injury, you might have broken a bone.

These are the bones that break most often:

  • Collarbone, or clavicle
  • Arm
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Ankle

Diseases like osteoarthritis, vitamin D or calcium deficiency, and chronic kidney diseases, can lead to bone breaks.


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