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    Broadway Health is a 24-hour urgent care clinic in Hypoluxo, in Palm Beach County. Our urgent care center provides the kind of care that many people..
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    Wellness programs are ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their health and well-being. Taking steps toward improving internal and external health..
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    Broadway Health is a full-service occupational health provider. We are committed to ensuring and optimizing the health of all employees and easing..

    Broadway Health.
    Florida Medical Clinic Urgent Care and Telemedicine Service

    Broadway Health is a woman-owned and operated Telemedicine Urgent Care And Wellness Services Palm Beach County Florida. We deliver urgent care, wellness, Telemedicine and other outpatient medical services at our clinic in Hypoluxo.

    We run first help immediate care clinic for patients who might think they need an expensive emergency room where they are often kept waiting for hours. At Broadway Health, you won’t face a long wait to see a doctor, you won’t be turned away, and you won’t get an expensive ER bill. Also, You could use our Best Telemedicine Services from your home.

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    Why Choose a Telemedicine Appointment

    Telemedicine sets aside time and cash just as lives. Remaining nearby to home, you can:

    Spare the time and cost of significant distance travel

    Decrease days from work

    Stay close to your family

    Also, in spite of the separation among you and your primary care physician, you can expect a similar elevated expectation of care that you would get in an up close and personal gathering. Discover how to begin.

    Urgent Care Center Treats Injury and Illness

    Here at Broadway Health, our Florida medical urgent care wellness center treats a lot of the problems that ERs consider non-emergency, but are alarming to patients and loved ones or caregivers. The next time you think about going to the ER, come to our emergency care center instead, to get treatment for illnesses and injuries. We can quickly assess and treat a lot of medical problems including:

    • Bronchitis and other respiratory diseases like the flu, bad head cold, cough
    • Minor injuries like cuts, sprains, and strained muscles
    • Skin burns
    • Insect bites and stings, including Lyme disease
    • Ear infections
    Illness and Injury

    Our onsite lab can run blood and urine tests for fast, accurate results. We also have EKG (electrocardiogram) services to check your heart health.

    Vaccines and Routine Tests

    Vaccines and Routine Tests

    Because many people only seek medical treatment for emergency care, we’ve developed a medical care wellness center to deliver routine preventive care so patients will less likely be in need of urgent care for illnesses. As a part of our wellness care, we provide the following:

    • Vitamin Injections
    • Hormone Therapy
    • Botox
    • Light Evasive Face Lifts

    Also, we assess and authorize patients for medical marijuana cards, and provide weight loss treatment.